The Stetson Story

Heroic. Independent. Authentic. Stetson.

John B. Stetson headed west prepared to make his fortune. But what he wasn't prepared for was the wet and cold that followed him every step of the way. So, in 1865, Stetson set out to make the hat that could tame the American West.

The hats were a big hit in the thinly populated West, where being rugged was a requirement for clothes (and for people). The rugged individualism of the West was perfectly represented by a hat that could be shaped differently by each wearer - a punched-in crown, a blended brim and a braided leather band were all different ways to make a Stetson one's own.

The Stetson Story

Today, the name Stetson embodies the authentic heritage and spirit of the American West. It's individuality that can never be tamed or fenced in. Authentic style that telegraphs who you are without saying a word. And confidence that comes from knowing there's nothing you can't handle.

Stetson Cologne carries on this legacy with fragrances for men and women that represent the courage, pride and confidence of the pioneers.

See, the real, true West isn't a place at all. It's a state of mind.

Welcome to Stetson.

The Stetson Story